Manutan entrusts Alstef | B2A Technology to implement the largest Autostore® in France

Press Release - Boigny sur Bionne, March 11th, 2019 - Manutan chooses Alstef | B2A Technology and the Autostore® solution for the automation of part of its supply chain. This Autostore® system will be the largest in France, and one of the largest in Europe.

Manutan is the European leader in B2B retail sector, specialized in the multi-channel distribution of equipment for businesses and local authorities.
Its high-quality products and services offer is one of the largest in Europe, and enables Manutan to answer all its customers’ needs and support them in optimizing their indirect purchases.

The company, which is undergoing strong growth, has wanted to optimize the automation of the processing of its small products.

Therefore, Manutan has choosen to build and automate a 9,000 m2 extension of its current 41,000 m2 warehouse in Gonesse.

The Autostore® bin storage and order picking system is integrated into a complete logistics solution fororder management in order to optimize floor space, order processing and overall working conditions.

The system comprises a storage capacity of 60,000 bins and 60 robots with 4 picking stations specially designed to guarantee optimal ergonomics and work safety. Each workstation will be able to prepare 3 orders simultaneously and process a flow of approximately 4,500 orders per day. The conveying and special machines part of the project will be carried out in partnership with CIUCH. The overall installation will be managed by Stockware® software package developed by Alstef | B2A Technology.

Commissioning is scheduled for 2020.