Alstef | B2A Technology automates the storage and order picking at Paul Boyé Technologies with an AutoStore solution

Press Release - Boigny sur Bionne , June 25th, 2019 - Paul Boyé Technologies is one of the first European manufacturers of uniforms, combat suits, personal protective equipment (PPE) and a world leader in innovation and production technologies. As the holder of the French Gendarmerie clothing outsourcing contract since 2011, the company has recently won the new contract for the French Internal Security Forces, including both, the French Police and the French Gendarmerie. Paul Boyé Technologies has chosen Alstef | B2A Technology for the implementation of an Autostore system that will increase its efficiency and responsiveness.

Supporting the company’s growth

Paul Boyer Technologies company will automate part of its storage and order picking to meet the needs of 260,000 police officers and gendarmes. For this purpose, the current 15,000 m² site will be extended with an extra 1,500 m².

Alstef’s AutoStore solution was chosen for its ease of installation and scalability. Indeed, the Autostore system will allow, if necessary, to add robots to increase the flows or to enlarge the grid and add bins to increase the storage capacity.

Ease storage and order picking

This AutoStore with 10,000 bins and about 20 robots will allow the storage of 12,500 references. The parcel handling is carried out in partnership with Ciuch company and the entire installation will be managed by Alstef’ Stockware® software package (mission activation, stock management, order activation, operator picking...).

The order picking will be carried out on two integrated and ergonomic double picking stations, i.e. a total of 4 picking stations and a single station will be dedicated to the supply. This is the 2nd AutoStore project won by Alstef | B2A Technology in the first half of 2019 (please refer to Manutan press release of 11/03/19).

Commissioning is scheduled for March 2020.